90 Day Fiance: Is It All Just Scripted?

90 Day Fiance is a hit series-turned-franchise.

In fact, the brand is about to hit double-digits in terms of total spinoffs. The show cannot be stopped.

But … is it real? Or is it fake?

We all know that there are areas of fakery in reality TV.

It's entertainment, not a documentary, and even documentaries are known to fudge things a little.

Take a look below as we walk you step-by-step through the ways that production can guarantee entertaining footage.

This includes an interview with people who appeared on the show but are free to speak up in ways that many stars are not.

1.Is 90 Day Fiance fake?

2.90 Day Fiance is home to jaw-dropping one-liners

3.Or this

4.The answer starts with David and Annie

5.Remember this?

6.It led to this memorable, creepy moment

7.But was it real?

8.Well, he WOULD say that, right?

9.In a sense, yes

10.But in another, more real sense, no

11.As for the infamous massage question

12.He regrets it

13.Wait, how is he free to talk about that?

14.So is everything that we see like that?

15.But at the same time

16.It all starts with casting

17.Who has obvious personality problems?

18.Who has an obvious story

19.It's kind of like jury selection

20.It's not just about casting

21.It's also about what viewers never get to see

22.There was a famous instance of this in 2020

23.Oh, and remember Drascilla's run?

24.But that's not what happened

25.They also look for obvious conflict

26.Sometimes, production understands the stars better than they know themselves

27.Still, some stories are real

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