Al Sharpton Urges Voting Over Violence in Wake of Breonna Taylor Case

Rev. Al Sharpton is disgusted like many over the grand jury indictment in Breonna Taylor‘s case … but he wants people to take their rage out by voting instead of turning violent.

We got Sharpton Wednesday in NYC, and he was still fuming after the grand jury did NOT indict any of the officers for shooting and killing Breonna. He’s not giving up the fight to get justice for Breonna, though, and explains why he thinks a Joe Biden victory over President Trump could help.

Watch the video … Reverend Al lays out a theory involving Attorney General William Barr, and the Justice Department’s investigation into Breonna’s killing. He suggests there’s only one way to get a thorough investigation.

As a result, Sharpton’s imploring people to hit the polls instead of resorting to violence in the streets. Louisville declared a State of Emergency ahead of the indictment announcement, bracing for potential rioting. Sharpton says rioting won’t get the message across to leaders like the President, Kentucky’s Senator Mitch McConnell and its AG Daniel Cameron … only poll results will.

As we reported, now-fired cop Brett Hankison was the only officer charged — with wanton endangerment — but he was NOT charged for shooting Breonna. Instead, he was charged with shooting into Breonna’s neighbor’s apartment. The other 2 officers who did fire shots in Breonna’s apartment, killing her, were NOT charged.

When Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced the grand jury indictment, Sharpton says he was disgusted … but sadly not surprised.

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