Ali Fazal reveals he almost declined Mirzapur as he was initially offered a different role

Ali Fazal aka Guddu bhaiyya is one of the main characters of Mirzapur. However, did you know that he almost said no for the show? Yes, he was initially offered Guddu.

Talking to Filmfare, Ali said, “I was stuck on Guddu. I was offered another part initially. I think it was Munna’s part, which Divyenndu has done. At that time, I was so invested in Guddu because I felt like there was so much I could bring to it.”

He added, “I really like parts that are unpredictable to me. If I can figure out the entire journey in my head, then it’s no fun. There won’t be any team work because I am not the only person. So I made an excuse. I said I don’t have dates, something has come up. So I left. Then I got a call back later saying that we want to see, let’s try this,” he added.

In an interview to Pinkvilla, the actor revealed that he won’t be getting married to Richa Chadha in 2020. He said, “I’m definitely not getting married in a year that has two zeros and two twos. We’ll probably wait for the next year. The only good thing for me this year is Mirzapur 2 coming which will keep people away from the toxicity on social media.” On the legal matter between Richa and Payal, he added, “I’m glad that men can be feminists and strong ones at the same time. We just want to be there for the ones we love and make sure the society is shaped into something better. We are going to try and be there for everybody. Richa is close to me and of course, I would stand by her through everything.”

He had earlier told Bombay Times, “Yes, it is unlikely that we will get married this year, because the pandemic is far from over. We would not like to endanger anyone due to our celebration. It is only wise to wait for the vaccine. This was inevitable. There’s nothing we could do to control this, so we took a sensible decision. In the second week of March itself, we had decided that we won’t get married in these conditions. People travelling would face a health risk and safety is most important right now.”

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