Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Dating? Fans Are Questioning Their 'Reunion'

Who had a Bennifer reunion on their 2021 Bingo card? News of a reported Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunion has social media abuzz. Lopez and Affleck were together from 2002 to 2004. Now, 17 years later, they’ve reportedly reconnected, going so far as to spend a weeklong vacation together. But given the timing of this reunion, some fans think this is a publicity stunt.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been spending time together since their recent breakups

Affleck and Lopez’s relationship was one of the most talked about of the early 2000s. The couple, referred to as “Bennifer,” co-starred in two movies together—Gigli and Jersey Girl—and Affleck appeared in Lopez’s “Jenny from the Block” music video. They made their relationship public in 2002 and were engaged not long after. But they called off the wedding days before it was supposed to happen in 2003. They were officially broken up by 2004. Lopez called it the first real heartbreak of her life in a 2014 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Reports of the famous exes reuniting have been circling the internet for a bit now. It all started on April 30, when Page Six published photos showing Affleck seemingly being dropped off at J.Lo’s Bel Air mansion, driven there in her white Escalade. He has reportedly been seen arriving at his ex’s house multiple times since her split from Alex Rodriguez, and since she returned from filming Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic.

Affleck also recently went through a breakup with Ana de Armas. They were reportedly living together at one point, and post-breakup, a life-size cardboard cutout of de Armas was seen in the dumpster outside Affleck’s home.

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck back together?

Lopez and Affleck both attended the VAX LIVE concert on May 2, at which Lopez performed “Sweet Caroline”—an anthem for Boston, Affleck’s hometown. According to E! News, the pair reportedly flew to Yellowstone Club ski resort in Montana, where they stayed for a week. On May 10, The Daily Mail published photos showing the Jersey Girl co-stars driving together in Montana.

“They were alone,” a source told E! News. “Just the two of them.”

Another source told the outlet the pair have remained friends since their breakup, and they’re reportedly enjoying spending time together in a romantic sense. The source said:

“They have been in touch here and there throughout the years. Ben reached out to her to see how she was doing and they had dinner together a few times within this last month. It’s natural between them and the chemistry is unreal. They picked up where they last left off and are enjoying each other’s company right now.”

The news of this apparent reunion has fans of the former couple excited. On Twitter, Bennifer stans are sharing their excitement over their apparent reconciliation, but others question its validity.

“Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on vacation together just a month after she ended things with Alex Rodriguez. No one works harder than Hollywood PR people,” one Twitter user said. “Seventeen years after he called off their wedding.”

Is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship a PR stunt?

In a Deuxmoi Reddit thread titled, “Is the original Bennifer back together,” one user questioned if the pair intentionally allowed those Bel Air paparazzi photos to be published on April 30, de Armas’ birthday.

“With this [sic] two?” one user replied. “Probably was very intentional they know how to play the media game very well.”

Another user theorized J.Lo is trying to send a message to A.Rod.

“I think she’s just trying to get under Arods skin and keep her name out there for her upcoming projects,” they said. “I really hope she’s not recycling with Ben!! She needs a C level executive not someone in the biz.”

One user thinks the stars have joined up to help distance themselves from their recent breakups.

“This is PR at its finest,” the comment reads. “They both have their PR teams working overtime all year long, but this is perfect for the both of them: she gets to make people forget about A.Rod and stay in the media and Ben constantly needs good PR anyway. So there. I can’t believe people are so nostalgic for this couple btw but you do you.”

Both of the stars have been in the news cycle a lot recently. For J.Lo, her breakup with Rodriguez has frequently been the topic of discussion, as well as the controversy surrounding Armie Hammer being fired from Shotgun Wedding after that wild cannibalism scandal. As for Affleck, he recently went viral on TikTok after user Nivine Jay shared a video of him asking why she unmatched him on the Raya dating app.

Basically, Bennifer skeptics think their reunion is a PR stunt aimed at distracting people from the other recent news of their lives. Whether their fling is real or not will be up to Affleck and Lopez to make clear.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reached out to Lopez and Affleck’s teams for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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