Ariana Grande Dressed Exactly Like Jenna Rink in '13 Going on 30'

Halloween may be in the rearview, but paying sartorial tribute to rom-com icons of the early aughts is a year-round affair.

Ariana Grande made a stylish pop culture reference on The Voice, trading in her high pony and coordinated two-pieces for what is perhaps the most recognizable piece of fashion memorabilia of the 21st century: the 13 Going on 30 Versace dress.

You know the one: multi-color empire waist with blue straps and piping. What else could you possibly wear whilst boosting work party morale in the form of a "Thriller" flash mob?

And Grande didn't just wear the dress; she did her dark hair up in an unconventional updo we will name the Jenna Rink twist, wore a perfectly 2004-appropriate glossy lip and pale purple eyeshadow, accessorized with dangly earrings similar to Rink's, and finished the look off with crucial yet easily overlooked detail: blue platform sandals.

Please note, this is not the first time Grande has cosplayed as Jennifer Garner's iconic character. The singer reenacted a scene toward the end of 13 Going on 30 in her 2018 "thank u, next" music video — which, for the record, brightened Garner's day.

Do the pink nightgown next, Ari!

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