Bigg Boss 14, Day 5 Preview: ‘Aisa doongi naa,’ Pavitra Punia warns Rahul Vaidya after a fight on chores gets nasty — watch video

All said and done, Pavitra Punia is emerging as one of the best players of Bigg Boss 14. She seems to be one headstrong and articulate girl. We saw how she killed it in the tattoo task where she flirted with Sidharth Shukla like there was no tomorrow. Well, a promo is out where Pavitra Punia and Rahul Vaidya get into a huge fight. Dressed in a striped maxi dress with junk jewellery, Pavitra Punia will come out and tell Rahul Vaidya that the bathroom is dirty. She will say that tissue papers are lying on the floor in the first bathroom. He will get incensed and remind her that her cooking wasn’t great the other day.

This will leave Pavitra Punia fuming. She will tell him to go and cook himself if he has so much issues with her dishes. They will have a slanging match. When Rahul Vaidya mocks Pavitra Punia, she says she will show him his place. Pavitra Punia says, ‘Aisa doongi naa…’. Well, it is indeed the fierce form of the lady. Angrily, Pavitra will say that people like him do not respect food and people who cook. This is not all. She calls him a flirt, and says he is checking her out. We have to see Rahul Vaidya’s response to the same.

Pavitra Punia is winning quite a few hearts with her bold and fearless attitude on the show. Today, she told Eijaz Khan not to give extra importance to Nikki Tamboli. Pavitra Punia is also set for the immunity task where she puts up a sizzling performance before Sidharth Shukla.

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