Bigg Boss 14: Did Pavitra Punia just COPY Asim Riaz and Prince Narula with her heart-shaped roti for Eijaz Khan?

Bigg Boss 14 is turning out to be a rather dull season. There are no friendships to talk about, nor do we see any couples in the making. The one attachment that people in the red zone are talking about is the bond between Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan. There is a lot of banter about that. Pavitra Punia has been heard telling how she feels that Eijaz Khan is one of the few men in her life who has accepted and befriended her without expecting her to change. Yesterday, Eijaz Khan came to have food with his red zone members. Pavitra Punia had made an heart-shaped roti for him.

Seeing this, Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu began teasing Eijaz Khan. He said the roti had sugar in it. Now, heart-shaped rotis seem to be a tradition inside the house. It was first started by Prince Narula who made a paratha for Yuvika Chaudhary on her birthday. Last year, on the occasion of Himanshi Khurana’s birthday, Asim Riaz made a heart shaped roti for her. The dreamy episode is still fresh in our minds. The handsome hunk had kissed Himanshi Khurana on her neck in the promo.

Eijaz Khan happily eats the roti made by Pavitra Punia. Kavita Kaushik came and told Pavitra that she really likes their jodi. She says it makes for good showmance. We don’t know if that has acted as incentive for Pavitra Punia to create cozy moments between the two. He told IANS, “If a love angle is emerging in the show between Eijaz and Pavitra, I will pray for Eijaz bhai because if he gets in a relationship with Pavitra, his life will be ruined. He is a good actor and he has done some good shows on television, so I feel he should stay away from such people as Pavitra.”

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