Bigg Boss 14: Did you know Hina Khan was a participant in a singing competition judged by Rahul Vaidya?

Bigg Boss 14 began on October 3. The show has been doing great until now. The second week began with a bang as we saw all the contestants shinning out with their performances in the Farmland ask. However, one name that stood out in yesterday’s task was Rahul Vaidya. Yes, people have been talking about Rahul Vaidya’s performance who was earlier considered as the weakest contestants. In yesterday’s task, we saw the contestants were divided into two teams. The contestants have to pose as neighbouring farmers pitted against each other. The seniors are the shopkeeper with farming materials, and the teams have to convince the seniors to give them the raw materials for their respective farms. The team that captures the maximum area of the garden area and converts into the farm wins the game. In today’s episode, we will Rahul Vaidya shinning once again and he will go all out to impress Hina Khan.

However, not many know that Hina Khan who is now a senior for Rahul Vaidya in the house was once being judged by Rahul Vaidya in a singing competition. Yes, in one of the episodes, Hina reminded Rahul about the first singing competition she participated in Delhi and received a certificate of excellence from the singer. Rahul Vaidya did not even remember this and when she reminded him he actually went and shook hands with her. Well, this was surprising and a really good gesture by Hina Khan that she reminded him of that incident.

Talking about Bigg Boss 14, this season is quite different as we have the toofani seniors in the house who will be leading the house for 2 weeks. However, due to the popularity as per reports, their stay has been extended. Also, this year the house is also quite different as we have a mall, a spa and a theatre inside.

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