Bigg Boss 14: Do you think Shehzad Deol deserved to be eliminated?

Bigg Boss 14’s third weekend is turning out to be a dramatic one as in the latest episode we saw Bigg Boss declaring Team Sidharth Shukla as the losing one and told them to leave the house along with Shehzad Deol, who was the invisible (Gayab) contestant in the show. While Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan re-entered the show and were told be in the Red Zone, we didn’t see Shehzad coming back and it made us question that why he was eliminated in a weird without giving a proper chance.

While recently talking to BollywoodLife, Shehzad spoke about his elimination and said, “I am really upset at the manner in which I was ousted from the show. When you sign up for the show, you know it is a show where it is about public voting. I can understand if they are bringing twists, and leaving the final decisions to others. But then, people should be informed in advance so they can make strategies accordingly. And they should give a chance in such cases to freshers to fight for their spot. I did not even get a chance to do a task and save myself. I am pretty upset about it. Also, I feel bad for the audience that votes in large numbers. You are playing with their sentiments.”

When asked whether he would like enter as the wildcard entrant, he replied, “Yes, I would love to come again on the show as a wild card. I want to prove myself in front of everyone. I feel my stint was too short and I can make a bigger impact. I want to do it for all my fans.”

So, do you think Shehzad Deol deserved to be eliminated in the show? Vote now

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