Bigg Boss 14: Evicted contestant Sara Gurpal says, ‘I am upset Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan did not fight for me with Sidharth Shukla’ [Exclusive]

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal had a rather tough time in her first week on the show. After a couple of days, she suffered a bad eye injury while doing the Bulldozer Task. BollywoodLife caught up with Sara Gurpal for an EXCLUSIVE chat. She tells us that she is much better now. “My cornea got damaged due to Nikki Tamboli’s acrylic nails. There was a bad infection. I am under observation now. I am recovering well.” Sadly, the part was not shown on TV, and there was no mention of it on the show. Sara adds, “Yeah, I told everyone that my eyes got hurt. I was going frequently to the medical room to get injections. The production team took excellent care. A doctor came every two hours to check on me. Also, it is not my nature to make a huge fuss about my medical problem. I was dealing with my pain, and trying to do the best.”

Her elimination came as a shocker and Sidharth Shukla got immense flak from neutral audience. He has taken her name for elimination, and Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan ultimately agreed on it. Does she feel she was treated unfairly by the makers? “Kuch zyada bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai (There is no need to say much). The audience reaction was immense. I was overwhelmed with the support. But then, it is a show and the show must go on,” she opines.

Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan had both taken the name of Nishant Singh Malkani. However, it was Sidharth Shukla’s final call that prevailed. Does she feel that the ladies could have fought better for her? “That’s what I am saying. It was by one person. Only Jaan Kumar Sanu had nominated me. I had only Sidharth’s vote for elimination. I do not know how strong women like Hina and Gauahar came under his pressure. I don’t know how he convinced them. Maybe they thought let him have his way here, they will take their call on another occasion. It is unfair and unexpected,” she says.
Since last year, we have seen eliminations happening in different ways. The pattern of audience voting has given way to something else. “It is janta (public) ka show and they should be the final decision-makers. He did what he wanted to do. I am surprised that two good beautiful women agreed with him without any resistance,” states Sara.

Given that she was so hard done by, would Sara re-enter if given a chance? “Yes, I would do it, especially to prove to Sidharth Shuklathat I am a deserving candidate. Though he won’t be there, I want him to see from outside. In the week, I was inside, I chopped my hair, did the task and dealt with my bad health. I would like to prove that I can be a dignified and positive contestant on the show,” she says.

Is one week too little a time to judge contestants? “It is just too little. If you see, Nishant wore a bikini top for a few hours and even did not have the rejected tag. I chopped my hair and gave it everything. However, I am suffering too much right now. I would not like one more situation where I have to go through so much physical pain. My health is a priority,” she says.

There is a consensus that the Bigg Boss 14 contestants are not as good as the ones we saw last season. “I agree comparisons between us and them is like butter chicken and dal. If you keep eating butter chicken daily, you’ll be bored of it as well. Bigg Boss 13 was a great season. I feel this team is also amazing. In two weeks, everything will be better,” she says.

Sara Gurpal feels the seniors concept has hurt the freshers. “I believe so. People are having troubles opening up as much as they did like to. If we were left alone, we did perform better,” she asserts. Sara Gurpal’s fave contestants so far are Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla and Eijaz Khan.

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