‘Bigg Boss 14 has brought new hope to my life,’ says Arshi Khan

Apart from Kashmera Shah, Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan is set to enter the house for the 14th season of the controversial reality show. Elated Arshi told E Times, “I couldn’t believe that 2020 would actually have something nice for me. It has given me an opportunity once again to complete my old journey, which I started back in 2017. The show has brought new hope to my life and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”


She added, “I remember, there were many people, who were trying to spoil my image and make me look like a nobody. But I knew it wouldn’t work. I believe in karma. God is watching each one of us. I guess that is why I have always got what I deserved. For me, my self-respect is my priority and with that I will again entertain my audiences in the current season of ‘BB’.”

The actress will also been in a show called Mary Aur Marlow, which will be streamed on an OTT platform. Talking about it, she told IANS, “It’s a double-meaning show but I think Mary Aur Marlow is also a fun title. After hearing the title, people think it will have bold content but when they watch it, they will realise it’s a fun show, which has a lot of comic scenes.” Reacting to government decision of supervising content on digital platforms, she said, “The government should definitely regulate digital platforms because nowadays there are a lot of web series that are showing vulgar content and people of any age group can access the internet. So, the government surely needs to keep an eye on them.” Speaking about her comic timing, she added, “I never find it difficult to do comedy on screen because I feel my comic timing is really good, so I like to act in shows which have comic content,”

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