Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother slams Rahul Vaidya over nepotism remark, ‘When Jaan won the singing task, tab Rahul ko kyun nahi yaad aaya ye nepotism?’

Bigg Boss 14 seems to be turning into a ugly pit of controversies. Over the past few days, one can easily spot a certain tension growing between Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu in the house. In the upcoming nomination task, Rahul can be seen nominating Jaan by calling him a nepotism kid. However, Rahul’s nepotism jibe at Jaan has not been received well by the latter’s mother Rita Bhattacharya.

Expressing her displeasure over Rahul’s comment, Jaan’s mother said that it was very insulting and disrespectful statement from Rahul. She clarified that Jaan has not taken any help from his father Kumar Sanu who is also not a nepotism product. She also slammed Rahul by recalling a singing task where Jaan beat Rahul with his skills.

“If Rahul feels that Jaan is in the show because of nepotism then how come they are both on the same platform right now? If according to Rahul there is a difference between the insider and outsider then how come he is on the same platform where my son is? Jaan’s father Kumar Sanu has sung almost 23000 songs till now so being his son he must have atleast sang 23 songs in the industry with his father’s support. But aisa nahi hai kyunki Jaan ne jo kuch bhi achieve kiya hai apni badolat kiya hai. Jaan is a well trained singer and that whole world saw when a singing task was given to him and Rahul. Everybody saw how with his talent Jaan won that task. Tab Rahul ko kyun nahi yaad aaya ye nepotism? He is very proud of the fact that he is Kumar Sanu’s son but also knows that when a person takes birth, he/she doesn’t know which family they are taking birth in. It’s a very insulting and disrespectful statement from Rahul. Bhaut zyada takleef hui mujhe sunkar,” Rita Bhattacharya told Spotboye in an interview.

She further said that apart from Jaan, even her two sons, who don’t belong to the music industry, can sing better than Rahul. She added that if you are not good at your skills, people won’t accept you and if they accept you, it means you are good at your skills.

“I only have one advice for Rahul and that’s be smart and intelligent but also honest in life. With due respect, I would like to say my other two sons are better singers than Rahul Vaidya, forget about Jaan. But they are not in public as they dont want to,” she concluded.

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