Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin reveals she is hurt as Abhinav and Rubina did not trust her during the task

Bigg Boss 14’s recent captaincy task has become the talk of the town. Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya were pitted against each other in the captaincy task. Rubina was the Queen of Hearts while Rahul was the King of Hearts. and other contestants will have to make hearts for them. Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik have to give money to those who make hearts for them. They also have to look to it that the opponent’s hearts get destroyed. Both of them are clear as they want to be the captain. Rahul and Rubina made their alliance and asked the contestants to spoil the opponent’s hearts.

Shockingly, we saw Jasmin Bhasin not supporting Rubina in this task. Jasmin and Aly both went on to support Rahul Vaidya in the task. We saw a lot of planning and plotting done in the task but in the end, it was cancelled because Rahul and Rubina could not come to a meeting point. Bigg Boss announced the cancellation of the task because the housemates did not perform it well according to the rules. Even though there was no outcome of the task, we saw Jasmin and Rubina’s relationship getting worse. Because Jasmin would listen to Aly in the task, Rubina could not trust her. After the task, Jasmin was seen discussing with Abhinav regarding the same. She said that she was clearly hurt by the fact that Rubina didn’t even put faith in her. Abhinav told her that when it comes to Aly, everyone knows that Jasmin will support him. Jasmin told Abhinav that she and Aly are two different people trying to play the game differently. She said that she won’t always go by what Aly says. She has her own alliances, especially with him and Rubina, which she won’t change.

She said, “Mujhe ajeeb laga ki aap logo ki team ne mujhe bilkul bhi trust nahi kiya, ek per cent bhi nahi, thoda to karte.” Abhinav told her that the conversation she is having now should have happened before the task because it is not possible for them to believe that she will go against Aly Goni. Jasmin Bhasin also told Abhinav that she is more hurt because of him and not because of Rubina as she consider him close to her. She also spoke about her friendship with Abhinav and said, “This is an unconditional friendship.”

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