Bigg Boss 14: ‘Mai usko dost samajta tha,’ Eijaz Khan breaks down as Kavita Kaushik accuses him of using her for his personal gain

Bigg Boss 14 has been interesting ever since the wild cards have entered. Kavita Kaushik, Shardul Pandit and Naina Singh have brought twists in the game. Shardul Pandit is a good friend of Pavitra Punia while Kavita Kaushik is Eijaz Khan’s friend. Eijaz Khan was extremely happy when Salman Khan announced that Kavita is entering the house as a wild card. Eijaz Khan also said that out of the few friends he has from the industry, Kavita is one of them. After she was announced as the captain, one could see the happiness in Eijaz’s eyes. Soon when Kavita entered, she made him understand where he is going wrong and also teased him about Pavitra. While distributing the duties as a captain, we saw Eijaz giving some suggestions to his friend. Now, after Kavita, Eijaz Khan has become the captain of the house and we also will see a shocking change.

Yes, a video has gone viral where we see Kavita Kaushik accusing Eijaz Khan. Kavita Kaushik tells Eijaz that because of him she could not form any good relations with the housemates. Eijaz says that it is because of her own mistakes that she couldn’t be friends to anyone in the house. Kavita angrily shouts at him and he asks her to speak with respect. The F.I.R actress in the end asks Eijaz to leave her alone. Later during the ‘tabadla’ task, Kavita said that she and Eijaz are not so close as Eijaz had portrayed when she entered the house. She also said that she feels used by him for his personal gains in this house.

Eijaz Khan defends himself and says that he has not used Kavita. Later Kavita reveals that Abhinav is her better friend than what Eijaz Khan is. In the bedroom area, Eijaz has a breakdown and he says that he cannot believe what Kavita said. He cries in front of Nikki and says that I always considered her my real friend. He curses himself saying that he could not understand who actually loved him and who did not.

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