Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli accuses Jaan Kumar Sanu of kissing her without her consent; wants him to be in jail

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli won the hearts of the audience on the first day itself. She was the only person visible in the first week and hence became the first confirmed contestant of the season. Nikki Tamboli has been friends with Jaan Kumar Sanu since the start. However, they too share a love-hate relationship. Sometimes, they are friends and the next moment we see Nikki going against Jaan. It is almost impossible to guess whether they are friends or not. Recently, Nikki sacrificed her mother’s blanket for Jaan and post that we saw them sitting together. In yesterday’s episode, we saw them dancing together during the captaincy task. Nikki also supported Jaan when the others decided to eliminate him from the task. However, the latest promo tells a totally different story. In the promo, we see Bigg Boss introducing the jail in the house. The contestants are asked to decide the two members who should go to jail.

Nikki Tamboli takes Jaan Kumar Sanu’s name. She tells Jaan that he actually deserves to go to jail. She says that even after saying no, he keeps on kissing her and that is like being disrespectful to that girl. Aly Goni steps in and tells Jaan that he does not like it that he she keeps saying no but still Jaan goes behind her. Aly tells him that he needs to understand if she is saying no. Jaan defends himself and asks why Nikki kisses him back then. This does not go well with Nikki and says that she genuinely wants Jaan to leave the house. Take a look at the promo here:

Well, the equations in this house keep changing each and every day. This will be the first time any contestant will go to jail in this season. It would be interesting to see who are the first contestants to go to jail this season.

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