Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli CLEARS the air about dating Rohit Gida; says she likes Sidharth Shukla [Exclusive]

Bigg Boss 14 is starting from tonight. There is immense excitement around the reality show hosted by Salman Khan. One of the contestants this year is Nikki Tamboli. She has worked in a number of movies in the South Indian film industry including Kanchana 3. Nikki is damn excited about going on the show. “I was just waiting. I was like mereko daalo andar. I am just bouncing around,” she says. When we ask Nikki what is her game plan for the show, she says she will unveil her real personality without any inhibitions.

She states, “Mera ek se peth nahi bharta. I want to show all shades. I am naughty, chulbuli (vivacious), gorgeous and funny.” She says she has followed the last season to the hilt, and admires Sidharth Shukla. “He is just like what he is in original life. You cannot fake it for months. People are smart enough to see through it. I will be my outspoken self,” she says. Nikki says she knows all the household chores and cooking, so that is a non-issue for her.

The lady is quite glamorous. Nikki Tamboli says she is gearing up to raise temperatures inside the house. “I will dress up a lot. I have taken just too many outfits with me. My dad, bro and mom had to sit down on the suitcases to close them. I want to be glamorous,” she reasserts. She says her folks want to see how she manages to live with unknown people and build relationships. “I am someone who has always taken a stand for myself and my near and dear ones,” she says. Nikki Tamboli says she is an emotional and short-tempered person. “I will react and quite fast. I feel that way,” she says. Nikki Tamboli is a huge fan of former winners Gauahar Khan and Sidharth Shukla. She was offered the show last year as well. “I hope to make more fans after my stint on the show. I want to make a mark. I have expectations from myself,” she states.

Nikki Tamboli is a huge fan of Salman Khan. She says she will be careful that she does not get scolded by the superstar host. The lady says she is single and would enjoy if she found a good friend. “If I make a good friend, we will bond and romance might happen. I will do masti,”she says. Nikki also debunked talk of being in a relationship with DJ Rohit Gida. “I don’t know the guy. He is not even on my Facebook. Mereko malum hi nahi woh kaun hai. He might be a fan and shared the pic. I do not know the guy.” she clarifies. Nikki Tamboli says her dream man from BB13 is Sidharth Shukla!

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