Bigg Boss 14: Paras Chhabra HITS back at Pavitra Punia, ‘I have not double-dated ever’ [Exclusive]

Bigg Boss 14 has started. One of the first relationship news to make headlines is the one between ex-lovers Paras Chhabra and Pavitra Punia. It seems the hot actress before making an entry said that she has been in one wrong relationship. She told Tellychakkar, “If he has even a bit of self-respect and sense left, he will not enter the Bigg Boss 14 house in my presence and even if he does, he shouldn’t rub me the wrong way or else he would face the dire consequences.” We reached out to Paras Chhabra to know his side of the story. He seemed amused by the statements of the lady.

He told us in an EXCLUSIVE chat, “I had no idea that she had said something of this sort. Later, I found out. I do not understand what is the need of such negativity. When Pavitra Punia and I ended our relationship, we made it clear that we had mutually called it off. There were no hard feelings whatsoever. Suddenly, taking my name just before entering a show makes no sense, unless you want to capitalize on it. If she had issues with me, she should have spoken before. I also have a lot to say, but I feel people should shine with their talent and not with their personal life.”

Paras Chhabra says, “We were together for five months. Later, I found out that she was married to Sumit Maheshwari. I had known that he was her fiance, and they called it off. He was working for a big company. When he called me and said that were married, I ended the relationship. I did not create a huge ruckus with her, as one does not know what is lacking in one’s personal life. We did not have any issues henceforth. The fact is I have never double-dated any one. Ever. I am ending up with this tag of a casanova, which is incorrect.”

He further says, “I do not understand why people have this need to make headlines with personal life. Honestly, it is a bad move. I would advise her to focus on the game, and let there be some curiosity factor. Over-exposure is not a good thing. Fans have heard her conversation with Rahul Vaidya about her take on relationships and loyalty. That is her outlook and so be it. However, dragging my name just to get limelight is not cool. Unlike last time when I was clueless, this time I will retort as and when the need arises.”

His close friend, Mahira Sharma has also come in his defence. He says, “She has worked with Pavitra Punia in Naagin 3. She knows quite a bit about her. I have been honest with Mahira all through.” This is what Mahira Sharma has tweeted about her…

Paras Chhabra has been seen in a number of music videos, and is in talks for a few shows. We have to see how this materialises in the future.

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