Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s close friend on his marriage proposal to Disha Parmar: I think she is overwhelmed, but also a little shocked

Bigg Boss 14 saw the most entertaining episode last night. It was Disha Parmar’s birthday yesterday and Rahul Vaidya proposed her for marriage on national television. He wore a white t-shirt on which he wrote ‘Happy Birthday, Disha’ and at the back of the t-shirt, he wrote ‘Marry Me?!’ with a red lipstick. He went down on his knees and proposed Disha for marriage. He also asked her to convey her reply to him through someone and he will wait till then. This came as a surprise for fans and even for Rahul Vaidya’s family and friends. Rahul Vaidya’s close friend, Megha Israni spoke about this romantic gesture of her friend in an interview with Spotboye. She said, “It’s a complete shock not just for me but our entire friend circle. Nobody is able to believe this. As he has proposed to her for marriage directly not even dating or something. Our group is not able to get over it as yet. It is a complete shock to us. I would not even say a surprise.”

Megha also revealed that they were not aware that Rahul and Disha are in love. She shared, “We are a group of 12-13 people and she has been part of that group for the last two years. We chill together and we have been on holidays together. We knew that they are very close friends but we didn’t know they are in love.” She also said that the distance between them now has made Rahul realise his love. She said, “I think Rahul has also realised his love for her after this distance. But now when he has confessed his feelings for her and wants to marry, this has made us all very happy and surprised.” Megha also said that Disha Parmar is overwhelmed but shocked as well.”I think she is overwhelmed but at the same time a little shocked. It’s her birthday and I don’t feel any girl would have got a better birthday gift than this. Hamare ladke ne mauke pe chauka maar hi diya hai, ” she added.

Megha was also asked whether it is a yes from Disha’s side. She revealed, “I feel that Disha will only be able to answer that. But as far as I know Disha, it’s very neutral. She is happy I believe.” Megha also spoke about the dating rumours that were going on earlier. She said, “We go for dinners with all of our friends but just because Disha and Rahul are celebrities, people easily spot them and news is made. In fact, now I feel it’s because of the media that their emotions have increased for each other. As media ne itna dono ke baare mein likha hai ki unhone bhi socha hoga let’s just give it a shot.” Megha also said that she feels they look good together and are great friends. She also that it is always better when you marry your friend.

Megha Israni also revealed how Rahul and Disha became friends. She shared, “Two years back, Rahul and I were casting for his music video ‘Yaad Teri’ when we had a meeting with her. Before that they had crossed paths in one or two parties and that’s why we had in our mind to cast her as a main lead. They shot for the music video in Delhi for 2-3 days. Since then they have been in touch and slowly became very good friends. And from their she entered our group.”

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