Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s mother on his proposal for Disha Parmar, ‘His sudden proposal surprised me as well’

Yesterday’s Bigg Boss 14 episode was the most romantic one and it was Rahul Vaidya who made it that way. It was Disha Parmar’s birthday yesterday and Rahul Vaidya proposed her for marriage on national television. He wore a white t-shirt on which he wrote ‘Happy Birthday, Disha’ and at the back of the t-shirt, he wrote ‘Marry Me?!’ with a red lipstick. He went down on his knees and proposed Disha for marriage. He also asked her to convey her reply to him through someone and he will wait till then. This scene has left every surprised and fans loved the way Rahul proposed Disha Parmar. Everyone is now waiting for Disha Parmar to give her answer. Many fans and celebrities have requested her to respond soon. Now, Rahul Vaidya’s mother Geeta Vaidya has also reacted to her son’s romantic marriage proposal for Disha. In an interview with ETimes, she spoke about Rahul and Disha.

She said, “I am happy for him. His sudden proposal made me surprised as well but I am glad Disha is the one. She is an extremely sweet girl and I am fond of her. The rest I can’t comment on or rather he can comment on only when he comes and we will sit and talk as family.” Well, we are eagerly waiting for Disha to convey her answer. This was the most amazing way to propose someone and surely Disha must have had the best birthday ever. Earlier, we also saw Disha Parmar’s reaction to the proposal. She was celebrating her birthday with her friends and one of her friends posted an Instagram story where we see Disha’s cute reaction. In the video we see Disha’s friends wishing her and she thanks them for it. She also says that everyone knows how special the day is and hence she is glowing. Her friends ask her that is that because of them or something else.

She says it is obviously because of them. Later her friends say that they felt it was because of someone who proposed her on national television. Hearing this Disha covers her face and runs away with a cute smile on her face.

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