Bigg Boss 14: ‘Very naive, jitna bada sharir, utna hi masoom insaan,’ Naina Singh tells Abhinav Shukla why Nishant Singh Malkani got evicted

They say you never truly appreciate someone while they’re still with you; this sentiment certainly rings true for the contestants of the Bigg Boss 14 house, who are reeling from Nishant Singh Malkani’s shocking elimination. In this revealing Unseen Undekha clip exclusively on Voot Select, we witness an intense discussion between Abhinav Shukla and newcomer Naina Singh about the lessons they’ve learnt about friendship in the ever changing Bigg Boss house.

In a frank conversation about the surprising eviction, Naina presented her outsider view about his elimination, stating, “Nishant ko I knew through a friend. Mile vilhe nahi the, but mujhe pata tha ki usko common dost hai. Meri jitni bhi usse interaction hui na usne usse mujhe yeh sabak mila ki dosti mein maare jaoge. Yahan pe jo bhi hua, woh hua hai dosti keh vajah se, uske liye jo hua hai. Dosti nibhai hai usne. When Abhinav asked her about her perception about him, she added, “Very naïve. Matlab jitna bada sharir, utna hi masoom insaan. Logon ki samajh nahi, duniya ki samajh nahi. Maybe baahar ki duniya mein ho, par game ki usse nahi samajh mein aaya kaun uske saath khel gaya. Woh aisa insaan hai ki apne joh chahne vale hain, unko saath leke chalne vale.”

Seems like Abhinav and Naina have learnt an important lesson from Nishant’s departure, perhaps leading to them playing a wilder game in the vicious Bigg Boss.

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