Bing Crosby’s daughter reveals truth behind brother’s damning book detailing star’s abuse

White Christmas singer Bing Crosby’s legacy was dealt with a huge blow when his son Gary wrote an acclaimed yet highly critical book about his father. In a new interview with, Mary Crosby disputes her half-brother’s claims.

An actor and singer himself, Gary’s book detailed his struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction.

He attributed many of his troubles to alleging that his famous father Bing had physically and mentally abused him and that his mother, actress and singer Dixie Lee, was an alcoholic.

His younger half-sister, Mary Crosby, told that Gary had told him publishers had encouraged him to exaggerate his claims, and that he had written the book simply for money.

Mary said: “I had lunch with Gary right after he wrote and released the book.


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“And Gary said to me that the publishers had told him ‘the worse it was the more books would sell’ and he was very clear about why he did it and what he did.”

She continued that Gary had gone on to apologise to the family.

She added: “And years later he apologised profusely to us but by then the damage was done.”

She concluded that the book, which came out six years after Bing died in 1977, “definitely” tarnished her father’s reputation.

She said: “Of course, it definitely did.”

Gary passed away from lung cancer in 1995 aged 62.

His brother Phillip also said in interviews that the abuse Gary alleged was exaggerated.

His other two brothers, Lindsay and Dennis both committed suicide by gunshot.

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In a recent interview with, Gary’s half-brother Harry said he never experienced the alleged abuse described in Gary’s memoir.

He said: “I don’t know where it came from. I only know my own experience with my dad which was one of love, ­support, friendship and respect,” he says.

“My dad never pushed us into music or entertainment – we were exposed to it and I loved working together.”

Bing’s iconic recording of White Christmas has sold an incredible 50 million records worldwide since its original release in 1942.


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Now an updated version of the classic along with new compilations have been released with the new album Bing at Christmas.

Mary said of the album: “The miracle of technology is it brings his voice to life and its crystal clear.

“It is like Bing but better there are obviously the history of White Christmas, 80 years after the fact and he’s back again.”

Bing at Christmas is out now on Decca Records.

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