Britney Spears Gushes Over Sons in Precious Birthey Tribute

Britney’s legions of devoted fans are celebrating that her tyrranical dad Jamie Spears is no longer her conservator … for now.

But at the moment, Britney herself has something much more personal to celebrate.

Her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, had their birthdays!

Britney Spears invited the world to share in her celebration of her sons’ birthdays.

“Oh how they’ve grown…” Britney marveled, reflecting upon how quickly her sons are growing up.

She affirmed: “Mamma loves you guys very very much!!!!”

“May you get all your bday wishes and more …” Britney concluded her sweet birthday tribute post.

Those of us who are diehard Britney stans realize that not everyone keeps track of every detail of Britney’s life, for unfathomable reasons.

But to clear up and confusion, no, Sean and Jayden are not twins.

Sean Preston Federline was born on September 14, 2005. He is now 14 years old.

Jayden James Federline was born on September 12, 2006. He is now 13 — and a teenager!

Because their birthdays are mere days apart, Britney and her sons enjoy celebrating them together.

That’s a smart tactic to avoid either son comparing the two parties. Nip that jealousy in the bud!

Britney isn’t just one of the most talented singers and performers to ever grace the surface of the Earth.

She’s also a phenomenal super-mom.

This is a woman who celebrates her sons’ interests with pride.

This is the woman who, when her sons needed help with their homework, took classes herself so that she could help them.

Her whole life is about her sons — she loves them so much.

And the feeling is mutual.

Unfortunately, the boys have had a scary, harrowing incident recently involving Britney’s awful dad.

Just weeks ago, it was reported that Jamie Spears abused Sean Preston after Kevin Federline reported it to the police.

According to the allegation, which is being investigated by the LAPD and by social services, Jamie and Sean got into an argument.

Jamie is said to have become so enraged that he broke down a door and laid hands on Sean, shaking him.

That is horrifying and a description of child-abuse.

Fortunately, Britney does not f–k around when it comes to her sons and their safety.

Because of her conservatorship, Britney knew that she was largely powerless to keep her sons away from her controlling father after that.

Reports say that she immediately sent her sons to be with their father, Kevin, even though the boys were scheduled to remain with her.

It was K-Fed who filed the police report.

Britney also agreed to a new, temporary custody arrangement to keep her sons out of harms way as much as possible.

Great moms make great sacrifices for their children.

Things seem a little less rocky now.

For one thing, Jamie is no longer her conservator, for “health reasons.”

There is a chance that he could resume the post in January of next year, but … let’s hope not.

For another, Sean and Jayden now have a three-year restraining order against their maternal grandfather.

Even if he resumes the conservatorship, that protective order should keep the boys out of harm’s way — hopefully for the rest of Jamie’s life!

We join Britney in wishing both young teens a very happy birthday!

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