Britney Spears Says BF Sam Asghari Looks Like 'Such a Dad'

Britney Spears is apparently doubling down on her desire to have kids with her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari, because she’s touting his daddy looks.

The singer posted photos this weekend of her and Sam on a hike in the great outdoors, where they’re both leaning up against a tree along a path … posing and looking cute together.

She captioned it … “@SamAsghari looks like such a dad in these pics 😂😂😂.” Sam does seem to have a furrowed brow here, and is in what we suppose you might consider a “dad” stance (maybe).

In our minds though, this is just Britney further telegraphing her wishes — especially because she dug out old pics to make her point. Sam posted these back in February.

Remember, Britney told a judge a few weeks ago that her conservatorship is blocking her from marrying Sam, and from having more children — something she says she wants.

She claimed the conservatorship won’t let her remove an IUD … not without a ton of red tape, anyway. That’s just one of the many reasons Britney listed for wanting completely out … without a medical evaluation.

Sam seems to be game for whatever she wants — as he’s indicated he’s onboard with the #FreeBritney movement. A lot of her contemporaries and peers in the music biz have also supported her desire to break free — especially as it pertains to decisions on her own body.

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