BTS song Life Goes On: The septet’s lead single from BE is all about moving on and keeping hope in these trying times

Finally, Life Goes On is out and boy, oh, boy are we in love with the septet again? The song is the lead single from BTS’ new album ‘BE’ that stands for ‘to be’ or ‘existence’ and does not abide by any form. The song is all about keeping hope in these trying times as life waits for none and goes on. The visuals begin with V driving in a car in a mask. He takes his mask off looks out of the window at the life-less city. The septet then dives into the new normal feeling of being caged inside their homes due to the pandemic induced lockdown. There are flashes of their past when they would watch movies together and had loads of fun together.

“Life Goes On” belongs to the Alternative Hip Hop genre with sentimental acoustic guitar sounds captivating the ears of the listeners. The lyrics echo a comforting message that in the face of unexpected turns and abrupt disruption: ‘Life goes on’. Anyone who has been through 2020 can easily relate to this song delivered through BTS’s emotional voice.

BL verdict: The message is loud and clear for everyone. BTS has won hearts yet again with one of the most relatable songs in these uncertain times.

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