CEO Bill Wackermann, employees exit Wilhelmina modeling agency

Several employees — including two directors — have strutted out of top modeling agency Wilhelmina, Page Six has learned.

“Five people walked out on [CEO Bill Wackermann],” spilled an insider, adding, “Bill is having a hard time keeping teams together. The turnover rate is like ‘Game of Thrones.’”

The insider sniped that staffers worry that Wackermann “can’t run the women’s division because his only focus seems to be on celebrities like Nicki Minaj [who has been repped by the agency since 2017].”

But another source said that the problems are actually related to Wackermann’s own plans for the agency. “The company is growing, so there are a lot of organizational changes and [the exodus] is a result of that,” said a source. “People did resign, but Bill was already looking to make some changes, so that played out this week.”

Wackermann told us, “As a publicly traded company, we take professional business practices and the protection of our talent very seriously. If that means that some directors at the company need to leave, that’s a short-term loss. Our goals are always to manage the long-term success of Wilhelmina and the protection of our talent. We do this all in the name of our talent.”

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