Charlotte Crosby reveals dramatic results of boob REDUCTION

Charlotte Crosby has revealed the results of her boob reduction after being forced to remove her ‘painful’ implants after experiencing pains in her chest.

The 29-year-old has returned to her B-cup bra size after being informed by a doctor that that her body was rejecting the implants, which is something which happens gradually.


While Charlotte has to wear a special bra for the next two months while her boobs heal, that hasn’t stopped her showing off the results of her operation during a trip to Ibiza with her Geordie Shore pals.

Char shared a series of stunning images to her Instagram page, which sees her flaunt her smaller chest in a number of risqué outfits – and she looks amazing!

Fans were clearly loving her new look too, with one commenting: ‘Yay! ? You look much better without the implants ???.’

Another said: ‘You look absolutely gorgeous and so slim now??.’

While a third added: ‘YOU LOOK BETTER THAN EVER ☄️.

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Charlotte is thrilled with her new look, telling The Sun that she is delighted her implants are finally gone.

She said: ‘I am finally back to myself. I prefer my natural body. I was crazy to ever get those implants in. I am back to my natural normal boobs.

‘My boyfriend completely loves them. But I think he would love me no matter what, which makes me even happier.

‘I have come to the stage now where it is what it is. I don’t think there’s any need in constantly wanting to be another person.

‘I think having the implants out has made me realise that when I look back I was perfect without them. I have accepted who I am.’

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