Danny Trejo reveals struggle with erectile dysfunction

Actor Danny Trejo revealed his struggle to perform in the bedroom during a recent interview and claimed that “every man on earth” has experienced erectile dysfunction.

The “Desperado” and “Breaking Bad” actor told London’s The Sun that more men should go public with their failures to launch.

“Every man on earth has experienced this, and if you say no, you’re lying and I’m calling you a liar,” he told the newspaper.

“So there you go Danny Trejo called you a liar and now you don’t have to hide it.”

The 75-year-old actor said that cultural norms keep men from discussing the unfortunate circumstance.

“Especially in the Latino community where I’m from, men don’t talk about these things — because we’re supposed to be the hunter-gatherer or some sh–,” Trejo said. “Well I hate hunting.”

The star said that even a “macho” 25-year-old came have erectile dysfunction.

“If you’re tired, you’ve been working all night, it’s late — sometimes it’s not going to happen,” he said.

Trejo is promoting a new “wearable Viagra” for men to help keep their members at attention.

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