Dave Bautista Just Made Sure He'll Never Act in a 'Fast & Furious' Movie

Dave Bautista just made sure he’ll never get a part in a Fast & Furious movie. When prompted by a fan on social media over the weekend to say whether he’d ever consider taking a role in the popular action franchise, the wrestler-turned-actor had a pretty blunt response.

The exchange took place on Twitter on Saturday. A fan of the Fast & Furious films predicted that franchise newcomer John Cena, who is currently shooting Fast & Furious 9, will follow in the footsteps of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham and end up with his own spinoff. They then speculated that Bautista would be a great choice to play the villain.

“Thanks for the consideration,” Bautista said in response, in between vomiting emojis, adding in a hashtag: “I’d rather do good films.”

🤢…..thank you for your consideration…🤮 #idratherdogoodfilms https://t.co/7VT0wFG6bY

One fan responded to the “good films” remark by commenting that there are some turkeys on Bautista’s IMDb page, most notably Escape Plan 2, which Sylvester Stallone himself just this weekend panned as “the most horribly produced film” he ever “had the misfortune to be in.” However, Bautista was pretty pragmatic in his defence of that movie, replying: ““Big Dave didn’t state that he’s never done a bad film. But I did them for particular reasons that helped build an ‘acting’ career. And I got to work with Sly so in your face with that! You’re dismissed!”

It’s fair to say that Bautista has also enjoyed his successes since transitioning from the WWE to Hollywood, particularly as Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films and Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War.

Bautista will reprise the role of Drax in the upcoming third Guardians movie, and is also set to star in Denis Villeneuve’s 2020 adaptation of Dune. He can be next seen starring alongside Sylvester Stallone in Escape Plan 3: The Extractors, released on pay-per-view tomorrow.

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