Dixie D’Amelio’s Net Worth Has More Than Doubled in a Year

Hi there, time to learn the financial details about yet another TikToker who’s richer than we’ll ever be thanks to social media! I’ll give you a moment to weep softly into a pillow. Kay, cool, now let’s turn our attention to Dixie D’Amelio, the sometimes controversial sister of Charli D’Amelio. Her age? 20. Her net worth? More than I can mathematically comprehend right now—and she pretty much accrued all of it between 2020 and 2022. Here’s a breakdown of all her money, because clearly you’re in the mood to feel jealous of today’s ~youths~.

She Makes Almost All Her Money One *Very* Specific Way

How, you ask? One simple word: sponsorships. Almost the entirety of Dixie’s net worth comes from partnering with brands (think Taco Bell, Crest, and Swarovski—three equally fancy brands), whether it’s through sponsored posts, merchandising, or product lines.

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But Dixie has savvily made sure to cash in on other platforms—including Instagram, where she has 24.9 million followers as of publication. So, how much money does she earn per sponsored post? According to Hopper HQ (via Just Jared), Dixie earns $42,570 per post. Not bad! And considering a huge chunk of her posts are sponsored, it’s no wonder she’s bringing in multiple millions a year.

Oh, and psst: On top of sponsored posts, Dixie and Charli have a few partnerships. This means they don’t just get paid to promote something, but they also lend their names to full product lines—like in the case of their 2021 Morphe collab:


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Now She’s Making Reality TV $$

Dixie is officially a reality star thanks to Hulu’s D’Amelio Show. The details of their family contract is v under wraps, but because it’s Dixie and co.’s literal name on the show, it’s safe to assume they’re bringing in big numbers, especially with Deadline calling the whole production the “highest-profile TV series featuring nascent TikTok stars.”

Dixie Is the #2 Highest-Paid TikTok Star in 2022

Like, she fully brought in $10 million according to Forbes. In fact, the only person who is making more dollars on the platform than her is Charli, who’s brought in $17.5 million this year).

But again, Dixie is making a huge effort to expand her brand beyond TikTok, and if you need proof, look no further than that Christmas song she recorded with One Direction’s Liam Payne.

And ahem, if you’re a little “LOL, k” about Dixie’s pivot to music, please note that Forbes reports that the video for her first single, “Be Happy,” hit the number one trending spot on YouTube the same day it was released, sooo.

Dixie’s Total Net Worth Has More Than Doubled in a Year

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dixie’s net worth is $10 million, up from “just” $3 million last year. I think we can all agree this is a totally normal amount of money for a $20-year-old (see what I did there?) with almost no expenses in her bank account.

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