Dr Hilary Jones’ country home targeted by ‘vicious anti-vaxxers’ amid his support for jab

Anti-vax protesters appear to stand near Dr Hilary's home

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Protesters are reported to have turned up at Dr Hilary Jones’ quaint home in Kent. It comes after he voiced his support for the COVID-19 jab on Good Morning Britain.

They blasted unpleasant messages through loudspeakers

The 68-year-old’s peaceful village is believed to have been taken over by enraged activisits.

They are said to have described themselves as “soldiers of truth”.

The group arrived with placards and megaphones, before gathering outside the doctor’s property.

A source told MailOnline: “A vicious bunch of protesters turned up on the driveway outside Hilary Jones’ Kent home.

“They blasted unpleasant messages through loudspeakers.”

Footage obtained by the aforementioned publication saw the protesters lining a country road.

Police are said to have attended the scene.

They reportedly told the authorities the television star had refused to open the door, as they attempted to “serve” him with paperwork.

It is not known whether Hilary was home at the time.

The Learn Something New group are believed to have shared their thoughts alongside a video of the protest on Brand New Tube.

It read: “Let the truth be heard, it’s starting to warm up in Britain, there are a lot of people being paid to push this vaccine and they are happily taking the money to push it!

“It is important before you allow anyone to inject you with this substance that you do YOUR OWN RESEARCH – never ever trust what you have been told, its YOUR BODY and once you make that choice there is NO GOING BACK.

“It’s time to wake up and see who is fighting for humanity a time of great importance is upon the earth and the soldiers of truth are fighting against the evilest plan ever waged on MAN.

“We need to save humanity; we need to wake people up and show them the TRUTH that is being HIDDEN from THEM!”

Express.co.uk has contacted a spokesperson for Dr Hilary Jones for comment.

The star regularly appears on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and Lorraine to discuss the latest medical news and advice.

It comes after the TV physician was the subject of an Ofcom report earlier this year.

His criticism of those refusing the vaccine prompted 152 complaints to the TV regulator.

Hilary went on to divide Lorraine viewers in August, when he stated on the matter of the jab: “We are going to rely on the common sense of the British people.

“While most people do have common sense, some don’t though and have to be protected from themselves.”

There is no evidence that any of the Covid vaccines given in the UK pose a greater threat than the disease itself, despite the protesters’ claims.

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