Erica Mena Showered With Support After Getting Candid About What Led Her to Divorce Safaree

During a ‘Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ reunion show, the 35-year-old former model and video vixen blames her now-ex-husband for making her ‘a single mother twice.’

AceShowbizErica Mena ranted against Safaree Samuels during a “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion. The reality TV star detailed what led her to divorce the rapper at the show, and she has since gained support from online users for pouring her heart out.

“It’s obvious me, and Safaree will never be. I was in the hospital bed with this man’s son. That man didn’t care if I made it through pregnancy, that man didn’t care if I made it through that labor,” Erica said. “Like I had to drag myself out of that dark place.”

“With my first son, because I had to hustle so much, I sacrificed so much time away from my firstborn that I’m still trying to make it up to this day,” she added. “And this is stuff that I’ve confessed and been vulnerable with to him about that’s why it’s weird that he knows the traumatic experience of being a single mother once, and then he turns around and makes me a single mother twice.”

Safaree didn’t say a word despite the confrontation, prompting his castmates to urge him to talk. When Shekinah Anderson told him to “grow up,” Safaree fumed, “shut the f**k up.”Lil Scrappy then told the emcee, “speak bro.” In response, Safaree admitted, “I don’t even know how to start.”

People were enraged by Safaree’s reaction to Erica’s claims. “I would never wish this type of pain on NOBODY !!” one person argued, while another commented, “He really DGAF about nobody but himself…SMH!!!”

A different user penned, “the way he sucked the life out of her is insane.” Someone else chimed in, “This almost made me cry. Any woman or mother can understand Erica’s pain and she did a lot of self reflecting. Wishing her and her babies the best .”

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