‘Felt bad when I saw tears’ Wayne Bridge regrets reaction to Frankie’s I’m A Celeb trial

I'm A Celeb: Frankie Bridge and Naughty Boy take on trial

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Wayne Bridge, 41, was a little remorseful about his initial reaction to wife Frankie’s, 32, gruesome drinking trial during Thursday evenings I’m A Celebrity. The show is back on-air after having to be cancelled due to the weather, but the celebrities haven’t been let off the hook when it comes to the dreaded challenges.

I have laughed a lot but I felt really bad when I saw the tears

Wayne Bridge

After Frankie and Naughty Boy took part in Scary-oke, where they were pelted with gunge and had to drink disgusting concoctions, the Saturdays singer broke down in tears and appeared to be shaking violently.

The 32-year-old admitted she found the trial particularly tough due to her fear of vomiting.

Seeing her genuinely upset caused Wayne to feel “really bad” that he had laughed at the beginning of the challenge, as he took to Instagram to detail his regret and explain that he won’t put her up for any other drinking or eating challenges, despite having nothing to do with voting her to take part in this one.

Ahead of the trial, when Frankie found out what she would be doing, she held her head in her hands as she cried: “Ugh, Wayne’s going to be so happy!”

Documenting his reactions on Instagram, he told his 268K followers: “Yes I am!” alongside the clip.

“I love that she knows that I’m so happy that she’s going to be doing it, come on Frank you can do it!” he cheered as he kicked back on the sofa.

As the trial got underway, Wayne recorded a running commentary alongside it, as he coached her through the challenge.

There were a few nervous ooo’s and ahh’s, mixed in with some winces and a lot of giggles, as he tried to hide his delight that she was getting covered head to toe in slime.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling for for her a bit now,” he chuckled.

“Oh man she’s does so well, buzzing for her.”

He also credited Naughty Boy for stepping in and drinking the last nasty concoction: “This is great, I love it!”

But his mood changed in the aftermath of the trial, that left some viewers claiming it had gone “too far” as Frankie began to shake and shudder violently from the cold.

The former footballer spoke once again to his followers, but this time a little more solemnly.

“Oh my God, she’s done so well, I can’t believe it!” he shook his head as he applauded the “fussiest eater and drinker” he knows.

“I have laughed a lot but I felt really bad when I saw the tears,” he admitted.

“She obviously found it really hard.”

Wayne went on to reveal he found it “hard to watch” his beloved break down on live TV, but he wanted to make it clear he didn’t vote for her.

“I want to make it known, I did not vote for you to do this challenge!” he exclaimed.

“I had a bit of a nightmare with the kids last night, and I watched it after the show had finished so I never got to vote for you.”

He signed off with a stern promise, adding: “I promise I won’t vote for you to do any kind of eating challenge again after I saw how emotional you were afterwards,” he said.

“I know I still laughed a little bit but I saw her happy face at the end… I will not vote for her do any eating challenge because I know how hard she found it,” he concluded, as he stated “one’s enough”.

Upon returning to camp, Frankie broke down in tears and told Louise Minchin: “It was absolute nightmare. We had to drink stuff and it was so hard.

“I wanted to quit after the third drink, the thing that kept me going was Naughty who had won lots of trials.

“This might have been a push too far though. I just wanted to come back and give you a hug I really did.”

She added: ‘Coming back to camp and having to say that you hadn’t won that many [wasn’t an option].

“And that’s what we came on here for, to push ourselves to do things,'” she said.

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