Frank Gore Open To NFL Return If Right Super Bowl Contender Calls

Frank Gore says don’t rule out seeing him back in the NFL — ’cause the former RB told TMZ Sports he would be open to a return … if the right Super Bowl contender called him.

“Ay, ay, I’m ready,” Frank said. “Best shape I ever been,” he continued. “I just weighed in at 209. Whatever team who pushing for that Super Bowl run, I’m ready to go in.”

Of course, we haven’t seen Gore in an NFL backfield in almost a year when he last played for the New York Jets … but Frank made it clear that if the right team gave him a shot, he’d give it his all.

“Nah, I’m not done,” Gore said. “If a Super Bowl-contending team call, I’m all in. I’m all in.”

We also asked the legendary 49er his thoughts about Colts running back Jonathan Taylor — who’s been torching defenses all season — and, well, let’s just say Gore was incredibly fond of the kid’s game.

“Aww man, that kid is the real deal,” said Gore, “that kid is the real deal.”

Frank acknowledges that quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have earned their spot in the MVP race … but says if he had things his way, he knows who he’d vote for.

“Me being a running back, that’s who I’m voting for,” Gore said. “He a baller. He a baller.”

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