Gethin Jones: Morning Live host didn’t realise he’d taken pay cut for Blue Peter role

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Gethin Jones, 43, kicked off his television career in the early 2000s by presenting children’s programmes, including Welsh channel S4C’s Uned 5. But the Morning Live presenter’s big break came when he joined BBC’s flagship kids’ series Blue Peter.

As part of Blue Peter, Gethin was able to further his budding career while undertaking adventurous pursuits for viewers.

However, Gethin admitted that at the beginning, he was not aware he would be taking a pay cut to join the show.

Speaking to Oti Mabuse, 31, during her podcast The Rhythm Of Life, Gethin described the action-packed programme as a “magnificent” experience.

“Blue Peter was the most magnificent, unreal, surreal, amazing experience I could possibly imagine.

“Three and a half years, 31 countries, six broken bones, 4 world records, two lifetime ambitions – and it doesn’t even tell half of the story.

“The biggest thing with me was the people that we met around the world. Just phenomenal.

“You just don’t get to see that when you go on holiday.

“You don’t book a trip to see these things, and I will always be incredibly grateful for those experiences.

“It wasn’t a TV show to me.”

Discussing his salary, Gethin said: “I didn’t even know how much I was getting paid when I first joined. I didn’t care.”

Oti then interrupted in bemusement: “Really?”

Gethin continued: “Yes, absolutely. I took a pay cut.

“I didn’t realise it was a pay cut.”

But Gethin’s experience on the show was not always fun, as it forced him to face his fears.

The presenter said he was left with a fear of the dark after “a couple of bad break-ins” and a Blue Peter episode, which made his phobia resurface.

Oti asked him whether there had been anything he was unable to do while filming the staple programme.

Gethin said: “All the time. But then, I think that’s what changed.

“It got a bit scary because I kept pushing myself beyond my limits. And then you didn’t know where your limit was.

“I was really scared of the dark, so they thought it’d be good to put me in the London Dungeon for 24 hours. But they didn’t tell me there were live actors, did they?

“That was horrendous.”

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