Hugh Hefner’s Ex Girlfriends Reveal Secret Abortion and Suicide Attempt Ahead of Docuseries Release

The Shannon Twins, Kristina and Karissa Shannon, reveal that their time with the magazine mogul has caused them to experience severe PTSD and ‘manic’ depression.

AceShowbizHugh Hefner‘s ex-girlfriends, Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon, have spilled secrets from the years they lived at the Playboy mansion.

In a new interview ahead of “Secrets of Playboy” release, the Shannon Twins spoke out about secret abortion and suicide attempt they experienced after their time with the magazine mogul.

Speaking to Radar, Karissa unveiled that she had to get an abortion at the mansion after getting pregnant. She also revealed that a famous rapper helped her and took “her secretly to get it done because [she] didn’t want anyone to know and he was a very trusted friend.”

Hugh, however, never found out about the abortion. The twins told the outlet that they stayed at the mansion despite the horrific conditions due to them being under contract. At the time, they were filming “The Girls Next Door” and had other jobs booked.

Kristina and Karissa also admitted to feeling “abandoned” by Hugh. They also noted that they’re desperately trying to pull their lives together. They went on to claim that their time with Hugh has caused them to experience severe PTSD and depression.

“We have thought about committing suicide together, holding hands and taking pills to overdose,” Kristina and Karissa confessed. The sisters then compared their time in the mansion to being locked in a cage.

The Shannon twins claimed they were given endless amounts of pills and alcohol while at the mansion to ease their pain. “Over the years, we have ended up in the hospital from drinking and taking pills to numb the pain. We have been diagnosed with PTSD and manic depression. We had none of this before the Playboy mansion,” they spilled to the outlet.

Kristina and Karissa stated that the list in their contract instructed them what to drink, what to wear and how to act. They said that they weren’t allowed to wear nail polish and were yelled at for trying to dress differently. “Hef is gone now. He’s dead but we still have PTSD and gained weight from dealing with our trauma,” so said the twins.

“We never did anything incestuous, but he made us both have sex with him at the same time all together. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be allowed to stay,” Kristina and Karissa added. “He didn’t put that pressure on us until after the first six months we were there.”

The 32-year-old twins also shared that Hugh restricted them from attending church because he was an atheist. “We are completely ruined by him mentally,” they said, before explaining that they had 9 P.M. curfew and security guards making notes every time they left or entered the home. They concluded, “The candle in our soul is burned out.”

The Shannon Twins first submitted their photos to Playboy at the age of 17. Kristina and Karissa moved into the mansion in 2008 at the age of 18. The twins said they were flown out to California by Playboy. They believed it was to become centerfolds, but Hugh asked them to move in. They lived with the Playboy founder for 3 years before moving out.

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