‘I sometimes get stick’ Gemma Atkinson hits back as parenting choice branded ‘unsafe’

Gemma Atkinson reveals her hair loss

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Gemma Atkinson hit back at people who’ve had something negative to say about her decision to workout with the toddler in tow, as the 37-year-old admitted having taken issue with comments saying Mia was too young to be accompanying her mother.

The Hollyoaks star took to her Instagram page on Monday to address some of the remarks she had seen from concerned people who believe a two-year-old has no business inside a gym.

I sometimes get stick for allowing Mia in the gym

Gemma Atkinson

The IG post included a selfie of the pair and two videos of Mia assisting her mother while curiously getting her hands on a dumbbell bar.

In her caption, Gemma wrote: “My favourite work out buddy. I sometimes get stick for allowing Mia in the gym with me ‘it’s not safe’ ‘she’s too little’

“Despite that, this has been our routine the last 2 and half years and she loves it.”

The Manchester native went on to say that her daughter has also helped her with her workout by making motivational and endearing observations which have subsequently helped Gemma push through her exercise.

“She loves watching me train, loves getting involved in her own way and I love setting the example of movement, and strength and health. She actually said to me the other day ‘we get strong mummy?’ Yes, we do my little lady. Yes we do!”

Gemma’s comment section was filled with positive reactions, with most fans stressing there was nothing wrong with a child at a gym, with many insisting that it wasn’t as dangerous as people had made it out to be.

“And my daughter has done exactly the same with me since the day she arrived,” @caroline1609 wrote.

@laura_rwi_mama_life echoed similar words, writing: “I workout in the living room with my children and no-one has ever told me it’s not safe. people have too much to say! Mia has an excellent role model.” (sic) 

@amywonderland92 clearly didn’t hold back when she urged critics to stop judging other’s motherhood skills and refrain from shaming parents for taking their child to the gym.

“Can people stop trying to force their ideas of what a good parent is onto others? Or shaming parents for doing harmless things like including their kids on their workout?” they wrote.

Another fan added their two cents, saying that kids adapt to the things they see. Mia regularly accompanying her mother to her workout sessions was ultimately going to be a behavioural pattern “worth repeating”.

@neilchristie91 said: “Kids copy what they see, the more she sees you getting stuck in she’ll naturally see it as a behaviour worth repeating. One of the best ways to get her interested In health and fitness.”

Earlier this month, Gemma had taken to social media to open up about the sudden hair loss she experienced since giving birth to her daughter.

Sharing in view of her 1.7 million followers, she pointed out a bald patch on the right side of her head, along with the caption: “Loose skin after a baby is normal. So is hair loss sometimes! Hence my patch!”

The Strictly Come Dancing 2017 star also shared a string of photos of her stomach area to dispel comments from people who said she snapped right back into tip-top shape following the birth of Mia in 2019.

That wasn’t the case at all, though, as Gemma showed off her excess skin, telling her followers that she still had a long way to go to reach her goal.

“Someone messaged me asking did I not get loose skin after Mia?

“Yes I did! I grew a child.”

Gemma is engaged to Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Gorka Márquez.

Their pairing was announced on Valentine’s Day 2018, followed by the news that they were expecting little Mia, who was born on July 4, 2019.

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