‘If you don’t like, don’t look!’ Patsy Kensit urges alongside eye-popping bikini snaps

Blame It on the Bellboy trailer: Patsy Kensit flaunts black lingerie

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53-year-old Patsy Kensit was determined that age should be no barrier when it came to enjoying the festive season and took to Instagram to prove it. Now that her two sons have moved out, leaving her with an empty nest, the actress and media personality is embracing the next stage in her life.

Trying on bikinis and trying to manifest my way to the Maldives

Patsy Kensit

Addressing her 84,900 Instagram followers, Patsy wrote that she was “longing for the sun!!!”

“Trying on bikinis and trying to manifest my way to the Maldives,” she captioned a selfie in which she showcased her voluptuous bosom in a black bikini top with white trim.

“I’m 54 March 4th so those days may be over very soon… but NY [New Year] don’t care…”

She added in a show of defiance: “If you don’t like then don’t look.”

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The atmosphere was dramatically different from another bikini shot posted earlier in the week, in which the subdued actress revealed that she was fighting the flu.

Soldiering on to share snaps with her fans in spite of her inevitable malaise, she admitted sadly: “So full of flu… this summer feels years ago…”

Keeping it simple in a plain black bikini, she managed a pout before adding: “Hope to get some sun in [the] New Year.”

Followers replying to the post addressed Patsy’s beauty in a variety of different languages, including Spanish and Italian, assuring her she was “still [a] very beautiful woman”.

Neilbland_72 made ample use of the flame emoji, encouraging: “Get well soon Patsy, don’t worry you’re still hot.”

James.gough replied: “Get well soon English weather is always up and down [but] your beauty makes me smile.”

Evansdavid565 jokingly urged her: “Come down to Devon in your Bikini Patsy I will summon the sun!”

She also posted a photo of her clad in a black sequinned blazer and looking ready to party, just hours after revellers had seen in the new year.

This news comes in spite of earlier comments to the Sunday Post earlier this year that, now that she’s older, glamour no longer holds the same appeal.

Enjoying quiet nights in with her cat is now the norm after years of high-profile relationships with fellow celebrities and nights of being chased by paparazzi photographers.

She admitted: “I try to put something resembling clothing on in the morning but the minute I get in these days I’m in my pyjamas.

“I’ve got my fluffy granny pyjamas and cashmere socks and cuddle up with my cat, Bowie. It’s all about comfort.”

Meanwhile, she was adamant that her casual style wasn’t reserved just for her home life, laughing: “Do I get ready to look glamorous when I go out? Oh, no – I look like a bag of laundry most of the time.

“I have no interest in [glamour] anymore, I’m living a lovely private life now which I didn’t have for many years.”

However, beneath the bravado, Patsy is battling heartbreak – the loss of her two sons from the family home.

27-year-old James, fathered by Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr, and 21-year-old Lennon, from her relationship with notoriously loudmouthed rocker Liam Gallagher, have now both left the nest – and Patsy is still feeling the blues caused by their absence.

She confessed to OK! magazine that she is finding “every day” difficult. “It’s so painful I can’t tell you,” she exclaimed, before acknowledging: “Everyone’s emotional at the moment, aren’t they?”

“I don’t let the boys know that but I know they feel it because they’re constantly checking in. They have their own lives but I’m not going to lie, there’s an ache in my heart.”

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