Iman Vellani Suits Up as She Continues Filming For ‘Ms Marvel’

We have more new photos of Iman Vellani on the set of Ms. Marvel!

The young actress is starring in her first role as the title character in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Earlier, we shared the first look photos of Iman on set, while riding a bicycle, and now we have the first look at her in costume as… Captain Marvel? The pics were taken on Wednesday (November 18) in Atlanta, Ga.

It looks like this is her character Kamala Khan’s first attempt at a super suit, as she’s also seen getting a boost onto a roof from a friend. Kamala is also a fan of Captain Marvel, so it seems she looked to her for inspiration!

Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel is Marvel’s first Muslim character to star in her own comic, and she’s a Pakistani American in a religious family.

No release date or additional casting has been announced yet, but stay tuned as we learn more!

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