Incredible! Will you try these tough yoga poses?

Beware! Do not try these at home without expert supervision!

From actors to models, celebrities are making the most of the lockdown period by working on their bodies.

And some of them are going the extra mile by challenging their followers to try it out as well.

Here are some really incredible yoga moves we saw this week.

Dear readers, how are you staying fit during the lockdown?

Do you have the luxury of an indoor gym or play area?

Are you doing yoga, walking indoors or running up and down the stairs?

Do you work out alone, with your partner or your family?

Share your simple workout tips and ideas with us. We’d love to know what you’re doing to stay fit and healthy.

Simply write to [email protected] (subject: My workout tips) along with your photographs, videos, name, age and location. We’ll feature the best ones, right here on

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