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Filmmaker Rajkumar Gupta is known to have done exhaustive research for India’s Most Wanted for a year and a half. Then, it took him close to two years to write it down. He often directs his own scripts and this film is no different. Arjun Kapoor plays the undercover protagonist who leads a team of five agents in disguise in the heart of Bihar and Nepal to find one dreaded terrorist. How they execute their plan and nab the terrorist forms the story of the film.

What’s it about
Not your regular run of the mill chest thumping patriotic war hero film, India’s Most Wanted narrates the story of unsung heroes and their contribution to safeguard the internal security of the country. In this particular case the hunt is on to nab India’s most wanted terrorist, a criminal responsible for a series or bomb blasts in the country. Leading this group of all men team is Prabhat (Arjun Kapoor) a man of few words who underplays most of his emotions. Set in Kathmandu, Nepal, Raj Kumar Gupta’s film narrates the story from India’s intelligence bureau head sending his boys to play to the moment where the alleged terrorist is nabbed. A lot of time is spent on creating the vibe and mood of how they execute their plan.

What’s hot
Gupta manages to arrest our attention once the plot picks pace. We also get an insight into how these men operate. Unlike officers wearing uniform and holding high position, these men are regular blokes coming from lower income families determined to protect their country. Arjun Kapoor’s performance is restrained in the right places. The script has very little scope for drama and over the top moments. Arjun’s vulnerability becomes his biggest strength as Prabhat. His bonding with his men and the unflinching passion to safeguard his country from men with evil plans is well portrayed. Gupta also raises the interest bar by setting the film in Nepal and giving the story an unique twist.

What’s not
It does take a while for the tempo of the film to pick up. India’s Most Wanted isn’t a Sarfarosh or an Uri. It has a soft, almost a docu drama sort of an approach to tell the story. We wish Gupta picked up the pace in a couple of scenes, especially the one where the team meets a very important source who plays a key role in nabbing the suspect. The interaction of Arjun with his team is limited, it would have been interesting if we had a better perspective into their background stories or if these men had any quirky stories to tell. But like I said, the film stays true to the incident and doesn’t stray away from what it sets out to do. The songs are also an unnecessary addition and don’t do much to take the story ahead.

BL Verdict
India’s Most Wanted is a sincere effort to document an untold chapter about common men who braved their life to nab a dangerous terrorist. They stayed in the shadows and didn’t get medals yet their contribution is worth being documented and narrated.

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