Jade Thirlwall’s kitchen ‘s**t show’ as dessert tribute goes horribly wrong

Jade Thirlwall attempted to pay tribute to her hometown with a special dessert – but it went horribly wrong.

The singer had a bit of a kitchen nightmare in the second episode of Eat In With Little Mix .

The girls are taking turns to host a dinner party in a Come Dine With Me-inspired YouTube series that has so far provided plenty of entertainment to fans.

After Jesy's cheesecake disaster, it seems Jade had about just as much luck with her own dessert.

Jade started off with a bit of an advantage, by bringing in pal – and professional chef – Tim to help her prepare her three-course meal.

And she also admitted to "cheating" by using pre-made brownie mix.

She said: "I discovered after raving and celebrating Jesy's marvelous Milky Bar cheesecake, that she did in fact buy it from the supermarket and she didn't make it herself.

"So if she's cheating, so am I."

Jade invited the girls round to her stunning London home for a three-course meal inspired by her North East roots and her Arabic heritage.

Her starter was based on her Arabic roots and made up of bread, that her granddad used to make for her, kebabs, salad, hummus and other dipping sauces.

For her main, she made mince and dumplings, a North East favourite and the meal her mum Norma makes for her every time she goes home to South Shields.

The 26-year-old said: "Well I guess when you're brought up on something, you have lots of nice memories of it.

"So you know, like if you were dumped by your boyfriend your mam would make you mince and dumplings, if you had a rubbish day at school you'd have mince and dumplings, if you had the family round you had mince and dumplings."

For her dessert, Jade attempts to mould North East landmark the Angel of the North out of Rice Krispies and chocolate.

She also bought a cake shaped like a hill and decorated with green icing to sit her Angel on top of.

The creation was accompanied by biscuits with a Newcastle United badge printed on them, Cornflake cakes and brownies, but it was definitely the Angel that drew the most attention.

The girls couldn't contain their laughter when Jade brought out the Krispie cake mould, complete with Curly Wurly wings, and tried to stand it up on the cake hill.

"Oh I'll have some of the Angel of the North," Jesy said. "She looks a treat."

Perrie questioned if Jade was just going to lean her dessert up against the wall, which she did, as Jesy joked that the lopsided treat "looks like me on a night out".

Jade was seen trying to spruce up the presentation of her pudding by adding a doll version of herself into the mix.

"Swings and roundabouts," she said. "I polished the turd with a Little Mix doll."

The girls all then screamed as things went horribly wrong and Jade's dessert came crashing down to the ground.

An exasperated Jade said: "She fell face down on the hill."

Jesy joked: "She got woken up and she was p****d off, so she decided to get slumped in the corner and her head fell off."

Jade admitted: "It was a f*****g s**t show, if I'm honest."

Her wall was left smeared with chocolate too.

But she was pleased with how her night went.

She told the camera: "I couldn't be happier. Yes, my Angel of the North fell on its a**e, but other than that, I think me and Tim pulled it out the bag. Everyone was impressed."

Jade ended her night with some entertainment in the form of a bingo game led by a cheeky drag queen.

After Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy scored each of Jade's courses and her entertainment out of 10, she ended on a score of 103, miles ahead of Jesy's 77.

Perrie's turn is coming next week.

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