Janelle Brown: An Inside Look at Her Shocking New Home

The self-proclaimed adventure is underway for Janelle Brown.

But just how adventurous will it really be?

This is the question on the minds of Sister Wives viewers everywhere about Brown admitted to kick off this week that she has a new home.

And it’s an RV.

“So I have something fun to share. I acted boldly and seized an adventure,” Janelle wrote on Facebook and Instagram this past Sunday.

“The rental where I was living was sold and I chose an alternative path to trying to find another rental.

“Not only is the housing market in Flagstaff as crazy as where you are I’m sure, rentals are even harder to come by.

“Presenting my new summer adventure – the RV life but camped on our property.”

Indeed, Brown is at least putting the Coyote Pass property that her spiritual husband, Kody, purchased many years ago to use.

Kody is yet to build on this parcel of land, despite promises to his spouses that it would represent the spot of their dream homes.

The land remains barren all this time later — with the exception now of Janelle’s trailer.

“Lots to do out here on the land so I figured why not be onsite,” the 52-year old concluded.

“Honestly, I’m alternating between extreme excitement as I’ve always wanted to try this and anxiety at all the unknown variables. So stay tuned, this is about to get real!”

Fans, of course, have been scoffing for days over the idea that Janelle had any choice but to settle in an RV.

The family has scarcely been quiet about its ongoing financial struggles, with Kody owning the house in which Robyn lives… while renting three other abodes… and also suffering through the sunk cost of the Coyote Pass purchase.

The guy is missing tax payments left and right.

Due to his gross irresponsibility, Janelle is stuck having to live in an RV. This is not her choice.

But just how bad is the living arrangement?

According to The Sun, Janelle has moved into the Milestone 386BH mobile home that has been parked on the dirt driveway of the Brown family’s Flagstaff property.

The vehicle features a luxury kitchenette, complete with a miniature oven, full-sized refrigerator, and microwave.

The living space contains a couch and dining table with a half booth, along with a flat-screen television that hangs parallel to the entryway.

You want more details and photos?

You got ’em!

Through a small staircase and hallway, the trailer extends into the master bedroom, a space with a full-sized bed, storage and mirrored closet.

There’s also a second living space with bunk beds and a full dining table.

The half bathroom at the end of the unit holds plenty of storage, a full-sized shower, and sink, while the bathroom in the middle of the mobile home holds the toilet.

The trailer can hold up to 8 people and has an average value ofo $82,000.

So, we mean, look:

Would we want to live here?


We especially would not have wanted to have been uprooted from our native state of Utah under the promise that we could reside on a gorgeous piece of property that our spiritual spouse ended up wasting as he forked over more and more money on below average rentals instead.

The situation sucks and Kody Brown sucks.

Could things be worse, however?

Are the pictures above of the interior a little bit nicer than we imagined they’d be when we first heard Janelle was living in an RV?


That’s really our only point here.

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