Jeff Bezos thanked every Amazon employee & customer for his space joyride

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Generally speaking, I’m not an “eat the rich” class warrior. That being said, I think Jeff Bezos is a douchecanoe who sometimes does some okay things, but he’s mostly just a sucky employer who exploits Amazon employees. Bezos is officially the richest man in the world and when a man is in that kind of rarefied air, he has weird urges. Urges like… f–k it, let’s go to the edge of space just for sh-ts and giggles. Thus, Blue Origin, Bezos’ private spacecraft, which launched Bezos and three other people into almost-space yesterday:

I haven’t been a space-travel geek since before the Challenger explosion, so I didn’t really care about this or about Richard Branson’s space ship or whatever. We’re in a golden age of bonkers billionaires swinging their d–ks around space travel and all I can say is that we should tax these a–holes and then launch them into the sun. But after this edge-of-space jaunt, Bezos fell to earth and decided to give a press conference. Which is where this happened:

— The Recount (@therecount) July 20, 2021

This is f–king gross. Jeff Bezos needs to pay higher taxes, pay his employees better and stop spending hundreds of millions of dollars to joyride into the edge of space. Enough. This is bullsh-t.

Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez was there too. They had matching cowboy hats.

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