Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Kimmel's Emmys Fire Gag Perfect 2020 Metaphor

Turns out Jennifer Aniston is a boss with a fire extinguisher, lucky for Jimmy Kimmel … as their dumpster fire bit at the Emmys, inadvertently, turned into a recreation of 2020.

The fire gag went down early in Sunday’s live broadcast of the Emmys from Staples Center … Jennifer was the night’s first awards presenter. The fiery joke showed them first cleaning any potential coronavirus off the envelope … by spraying it with Lysol and lighting it on fire, naturally.

Thing is … the envelope wouldn’t stop burning!!! Jimmy and Jen looked shocked, and she had to blast the extinguisher 5 times before the fire finally went out.

It all played like a metaphor for the massive wildfires currently burning in California and Oregon. Hell, you could even extend that metaphor to all of 2020 — COVID-19, racism, social injustice, politics, hurricanes, etc …

Ya get the point … someone please extinguish this year.

BTW, the cast of “Little Fires Everywhere” mighta thought it was a good early omen for them. It wasn’t, though … they lost the Outstanding Limited Series category. 🔥

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