Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter plugs electric car despite The Grand Tour host’s hatred of them

Emily Clarkson says her jaw pain 'isn't normal'

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27-year-old social media personality Emily Clarkson posed beside an electric vehicle in tight leggings and a crop top, commenting that, while she’d known almost nothing about the cars until recently, “the only way is up!” She used the hashtag #ad to describe her post in collaboration with Ford.

Call me a dinosaur… I just wouldn’t buy an electric car

Jeremy Clarkson

“OK here’s some surprising stuff I’ve learned about electric cars,” Emily captioned her Instagram photo series.

“Spoiler alert, before I started working with @forduk I knew NOTHING about them so the only way is up eh!”

While Emily might be a convert, her dad Jeremy Clarkson feels very differently, having adamantly declared that he will “never” own an electric car.

He has made his feelings clear in numerous interviews, including one he gave to DriveTribe.

“I just wouldn’t buy an electric car,” he confessed candidly.

“Call me a dinosaur,” the 61-year-old added, “but I prefer Pink Floyd to Stormzy, and I prefer a Ford Mustang to a Tesla”.

Three years ago, he also tweeted his frustration following the experience of actually driving electric, noting: “Waited so long for the electric car I’m using this week to charge, I’m now too p***ed to drive it.”

Despite The Grand Tour presenter being a vocal opponent of the technology, Ford seemed keen to team up with his daughter.

Listing the plus points on Instagram, Emily raved: “It’s SO much more economical to charge your car than I thought it would be – I guess I thought it would be on par with petrol but it absolutely isn’t and our charges rarely cost more than £20!”

She added: “You have more space because there’s no engine… I’m not even joking it took me ages to clock that we had another boot in the bonnet (AKA the frunk!) because there wasn’t an engine in there!”

The lack of sound was another plus point in Emily’s opinion.

“It’s quiet… I didn’t appreciate HOW it could actually be that quiet until I heard it… or didn’t hear it,” she wrote, adding: “It was a bit eery at the beginning but now I love it.”

While self-confessed “dinosaur” Jeremy has become irate with the length of time charging takes, Emily took a more positive attitude, claiming that there were charging points “everywhere”.

“I guess I didn’t know what to look for before but I’m actually embarrassed at how I NEVER NOTICED them before,” she revealed.

“We legit have two on OUR STREET and I didn’t see them before… but yeh, they’re everywhere – service stations, supermarkets, car parks, petrol stations, on residential streets.”(sic)

She also described how different chargers are available depending on the speed that a user might decide to charge at.

“Ford have an app that you connect with the car so you can see where compatible chargers are!” she exclaimed.

“You can charge your car at home!!! It takes a while but you can literally plug your car into your house (the Ford Mach E comes with a cable to make this possible) and overnight you can leave it charging.

“It’s not as much effort as I thought it’d be – in fact, when you get into the swing of things, it’s not really any extra effort at all.”

Of course, that news might not change Jeremy’s opinion, or his vow that he will never switch to an eco-friendly electric model, but Emily’s ad is certainly likely to attract some attention from her 228,000 followers.

“We are still LOVING the Ford Mustang Mach E, particularly in London, it’s so zippy and economical I’m going to miss it a LOT when it goes!! Electric is so EXCITING!!!” she assured them, signing off with the hashtag #rechargeyoursoul.

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