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In the last episode we saw that Saleem refuses to take the responsibilities as inhertant of Jalal. This creates disagreement between Saleem and Jalal. In the meantime, Jalal gets a message that Bhagwan Das has announced Maan Singh as the Emperor of Amer. All decide to go for Maan singh’s coronation. Jodha begum pacifies Saleem to come with them. Everyone in Amer start preparing for the event. All the princess eagerly wait for Saleem. Today’s episode start with Jalal arriving in Amer along with Jodha begum and Saleem. Saleem also agrees to wear the crown to respect Mughal rein. Emperor Bhagwandas welcome Jalal and Jodha begum and everyone else in their traditional way. After a while, all the brothers including Saleem, Kutub, Hyder and Murad gather in a room. They start teasing each other about girls. Saleem remembers Anarkali. While they all are discussing, some princess pep in the room from outside. They adore Saleem. Meanwhile, Saleem teases Farhaan about his girlfriend. Farhaan permits Farhan to meet his girlfriend. By that time Saleem gets a message where Jodha begum has called him for the lunch. But Saleem asks the servant to convey his message to Jodha begum as he wants to have lunch with his friends.

While Jalal gathers with the other emperors for lunch, Jodha begum gets angry to know that Saleem has refused to come there. She goes to see him. She questions Saleem for not coming there for lunch. She makes him understand that the lunch has been kept for him to be friendly with the relatives. But Saleem is stubborn on having lunch with his friends. Jalal comes there. Jodha begum asks Jalal to make Saleem understand. But surprisingly Jalal supports Saleem. This makes Saleem wonder and Jodha begum is happy to see the bonding being building up between Jalal and his son Saleem. She pretends that she is angry with Saleem. Jalal permits Saleem for having lunch with his friends. Saleem is happy to know that. He thanks Jalal for letting him go with his friends. Jodha begum still keeps pretending that she is upset with Saleem and Jalal. But Jalal pacifies her with his smart words. Both of them go back for lunch. After sometime Saleem finishes lunch with his friends and cousins. Saleem shares that he wants a girl who will love him as a normal worrier and not as the Prince of Mughal.

Saleem decides to leave from there as he doesn’t feel good there. He decides to have race with Farhan to enjoy and spend his time well. In the meantime, Jodha begum (Paridhi Sharma) joins her sister-in-law for a competition where all the ladies will disguise like a servant and their husbands need to identify them. On the other hand Saleem is still enjoying his horse ride. Suddenly a snake arrives in front of the horse. Horse gets panic. Saleem makes the horse move on but the horse is so scared. He by mistake pushes Anarkli who is passing by. Saleem apologizes to her. Anarkali’s face gets covered with mud. But Saleem still recognizes her. He makes Anarkali wake up and come out of the mud. Anarkali forgives him. Saleem helps Anarkali clean her face with water. He keeps on staring at her. It seems like romance is about to start between the duo. Anarkali also expresses her gratitude towards Saleem for helping her come out of the mud. While leaving from there, she turns back to him. Saleem also keeps on watching her going.

On the other hand, the Queen of Amer comes for Jalal’s welcome. She brings 3 ladies for the rituals. The one out of the three is Jodha begum. Jalal already identifies her while the rituals are going on. Jodha begum is happy but she doesn’t uncover her face. Jalal keeps on praising her pretending that he is prasing a servant. He also keeps on instigating her. Jodha gets very angry to hear that. Jodha begum uncovers her face and questions him for flirting with a servant. But Jalal makes her understand that he did that as he knew that it was her. He also tells her that he saw her face in the water while washing the hands. Jodha begum becomes happy. Meanwhile, Farhan comes to Saleem. Both of them again get back to their race. Anarkali also keeps on thinking about Saleem. She also feels that Saleem was a normal worrier and not from Mughal rein. She hates Mughals because of Saleem. Her mother makes her forget all the bitter memories. Anarkali decides to start work of a beautician. In Amer, Maan Singh and his sister Maan bai keeps on fighting like brothers and sisters. Her parents think about Saleem and Maan Bai’s alliance. They decide to keep the proposal in front of Jodha begum.

In the mean time, Saleem gets ready for the function. He wears simple clothes. Jodha begum asks Saleem not to take Farhaan and other friends for the function. She pretends that she disagree with it. Saleem shares that he wants to meet such a girl who will meet him as a normal worrier. Jalal permits Saleem to come in the function along with his friends. This gives another reason for Jalal and Saleem to have a strong bond. Jodha begum is happy to see that. Jalal also appreciates Saleem’s thought of getting married to such a girl who will love him as a normal worrier.

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