Joey Fatone Jokingly Recalls Being Friend Zoned by Pink!

Joey Fatone is opening up about trying to date Pink!

During an appearance on People’s “Defend Yourself,” the 43-year-old *NSYNC member joked about being friend zoned by the 41-year-old “Beautiful Trauma” singer.

“I’m cool with being in the friend zone with Pink; there’s nothing wrong with that,” Joey said with a laugh. “I’m okay with rejection. I mean heck, I’ve been in *NSYNC a lot, so I can take rejection.”

“That’s definitely cool and I don’t have a problem with that,” Joey added. “[But] let’s set the record straight.”

Joey then went on to talk about going on a few dates with Pink, revealing that things just didn’t work out.

“I actually asked her out a few times and we went out,” Joey recalled. “We were cool as heck. But I guess I wasn’t her type, so that was it. We were still friends. That was it!”

Joey has been married to wife Kelly Baldwin since 2014 while Pink has been with husband Carey Hart since 2006.

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