Josh Gad Silences Detractors Asking Him to Shut Up About Politics

Mocked by ‘so called fans’ for his support to presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the ‘Frozen’ star reminds them about the horrific treatment his Jewish relatives faced during World War Two.

AceShowbiz -Actor Josh Gad has vented his fury at “so called fans” demanding he “shut up” about politics and stick to his job as an entertainer.

The “Frozen (2013)” star has long used his Twitter feed to share his criticisms about U.S. President Donald Trump, but some followers appeared to be put off by Gad’s more recent activism online as he threw his support behind the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and joined calls for justice following the murder of Minnesota man George Floyd, who died on May 25 after a white police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

On Tuesday, June 02, as protesters continued to clash with authorities across the country, Gad applauded former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden for demanding immediate reforms to tackle decades of systematic racism to prevent more people of colour losing their lives at the hands of police.

Reposting video footage of the news conference, Gad revealed the presumptive Democratic nominee for the presidential election in November had won his vote: “We just heard a President speak and his name is @JoeBiden – wow.”

Josh Gad called Joe Biden ‘President.’

“In addition to my donations to BLM today, I will be donating to this man who just spoke to a nation looking DESPERATELY for leadership and may have found it,” he added.

The actor continued to show support for Joe Biden.

However, Gad’s latest tweets appeared to be too much for some conservative followers, who wondered why he felt the need to take sides so openly.

Silencing his detractors, the defiant actor referenced the horrific treatment his Jewish relatives faced during World War Two as he retorted: “A lot of my ‘so called fans’ are asking why I don’t just shut up and make you laugh. My Grandparents were Jews. For THAT they were sent to Camps & forced to see their families murdered.”

“If you have a voice & you remain silent, you are a part of the problem. Not the solution.”

He clapped back at his detractors.

Gad isn’t the only white actor standing up to racist critics online – Seth Rogen took the time to personally respond to a number of Instagram followers who expressed their opposition to his calls for social justice on Monday, swearing at individual users as he declared: “You don’t deserve my movies anymore. Stop watching my s**t.”

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