Katie Thurston Tearfully Confronts Suitors: If You’re Not Here For Me, GTFO!

The premiere of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is only days away.

Fans have already gotten their first look at Katie as the leading lady.

But now, the previews are taking some dramatic turns.

In this sneak peek, Katie gets emotional as she confronts some two-faced liars among her suitors.

“I’m like, honestly shaking right now,” Katie Thurston confesses in a voiceover.

This teaser, leading up to the premiere on Monday, June 7, also shows an array of suitors.

“I made my intentions very clear,” she tells her suitors, “about why I am here.”

Her voice certainly sounds shaky, like she is on the verge of tears.

Not even her beautiful looks or her sparkling green gown can distract from the raw emotion in her voice.

Meanwhile, we hear a male voice say “What is happening is so wrong.”

“A bomb was dropped on me,” Katie says.

It was a bomb “about multiple people still here for the wrong reason.”

There is then a brief tease into the interpersonal conflicts among suitors.

One suitor, unnamed, is labeled “a manipulative psychopath” during a confessional by another man.

We also hear another proclaim that he “didn’t come here for the bromance.”

There are tensions, tears, and stunned faces throughout the teaser.

But there is only one legitimate reason to be one of this season’s suitors.

“If you are not here for an engagement,” Katie decrees, “then get out.”

That is a stunning announcement, but not an unreasonable one.

Katie is also shown making out — a cornerstone of dating, of course.

It has also been said that one contestant joined the show “for followers.”

And a previous promo showed a furious Katie asking producers to book her a flight home.

Katie is dealing with an increasingly well-known issue on reality television.

Many go on reality TV with the idea that they’ll just be doing what they’re doing — like looking for love — with the novel experience of appearing on TV.

But some are only there for reality television.

Obviously, no one signs up for any of the shows in this franchise or any other without wanting to be on TV.

But most of them are also genuinely searching for a relationship.

If someone is only there to boost their brand, well, that’s unfair to a lot of people — especially their prospective partner.

A couple of factors have made this worse over the past several years or so.

One is that social media is a huge thing, and there are more ways than ever to monetize fame.

From Instagram endorsements to vlogging to podcasts to OnlyFans, you don’t need to stay on TV to make bank from being famous.

Another issue is of course grim economic realities that make people a little more likely to take risks in the hope of becoming famous.

That said, because the show requires people to be away from work for weeks, most contestants have some degree of economic security to start with.

(This is actually a point of criticism for many fans — as it really limits the economic demographics of potential suitors)

Of course, something that’s sort of always been there is the interpersonal conflict between suitors.

There’s backstabbing, rumor-spreading, and badmouthing every season.

The real question is whether Katie’s information was good before she made this confrontation, or if she was being manipulated.

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