Kelly Ripa Responds to Fans Who Think Her Foot Has Mysteriously Disappeared in Family Photo

Hello there, Kelly Ripa has responded to *checks notes…checks them again* claims that her foot has mysteriously disappeared in a recent family photo. Which…truly what is happening. Just so we’re all on the same page here, this is the photo in question.

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Cute! Looks fine! Nothing to see here! But apparently fans think one of Kelly’s feet is missing from the shot, and if you scroll through the comments you’ll find a lot of musings along these lines: “This is crazy but where are your feet,” “Why does Kelly only have one foot,” “The picture looks awesome where’s your other foot Kelly,” and “I’m worried you only have one foot in the first picture.”

Honestly, brings back memories of when the Kardashians accidentally photoshopped the same pair of feet on Khloe and Kylie in the family Christmas card. Good times! Anyway, Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos hopped online to respond to “weirdos” obsessed with the status of Kelly’s feet, and according to People it went a little something like this:


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